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Where to begin

In the beginning there was darkness. Then there were rocks.

Fast forward 4.48 Billion years and we find the ancient humans in the early stages of a love affair with rocks. They use rocks for tools, weapons, building materials and even currency. Through the use of rocks, man is separated from the animals.

Cut to the chase...

Skip a few million years and we are still very much in love with rocks. Rock Wraps are one-of-a-kind works of wire-wrapped ART. They can come in a variety of forms, most commonly as JEWELRY and ACCESSORIES.

Just like the rocks themselves, no two Rock Wraps are identical. They are 100% hand-crafted from the finest materials Mother Nature has to offer. Our gems and crystals have been through an exhausting, 4.5 Billion-year journey to end up in their new homes.

Wrapped intricately in silver, these unique treasures will make the perfect addition to your accessory collection!